Jhonny Allen Joseph

honny Allen Joseph is an established musician, drummer, arranger, touring and recording artist, originally from Mauritius- a small island in the Indian Ocean. Born to a family of professional musicians (father guitarist and mother- singer), he was bound to get involved in the music scene. He started singing at the age of 4 and at 13 he put his first own band together. 

Jhonny was the winner of many singing competitions- in Mauritius, as well as in other countries in the indian ocean and South Africa.   

At the age of 16, Jhonny sat on the drums- initially to help out the band when one day the drummer left unexpectedly. This is when it quickly became obvious that Jhonny was born to play the drums.  

In no time he became the busiest drummer/ percussionist in his country, and played with essentially all the famous local artists.

Neshen  Teeroovengadum;    Ernest Wiehe  (teacher at Berklee college of music);   Belingo Faro; Eric Triton; Damien Elisa- to name a few. 

Jhonny's musicianship extends much further than just playing the drums. 

He has composed, arranged, and produced a lot of music for successful artists all around the world. 

He won La Gamme d'or Grammy for best composer and arranger in the Indian Ocean, several times. 

For the huge national celebration of Mauritius Independence Day, Jhonny was honored to arrange the music for 30 musicians of different ethnic groups, which was shown on national TV.

Jhonny Joseph created a unique teaching method and opened a famous school in Mauritius, where he taught adults and people with physical disabilities. He made people with missing arms or legs play drums.

In 2006, having already toured all around Europe and Africa, he was invited by Australian jazz Singer Charlotte Claire, to play at The House Of Blues And Jazz in Shanghai.

The city's great music scene fell in love with Jhonny and several Shanghai based artists did what was necessary to keep Jhonny around. So he has been based there ever since. 

Some of the work which made him famous in his new home town, includes recording and touring with Alec Haavic, J3 Gustave, Li Quan,  Xiban, Boyana Walsh 7 Stars, Oleg Roschin, Lawrence Ku, Joey Lu, Lions Of Puxi, and finally his own project "4 in One" 

He also continued teaching at the famous JZ School in Shanghai. 

Jhonny Joseph gives master classes to drummers from all different nationalities, based all over the world.

Here, in Shanghai Jhonny Joseph is known to be the first to ever mix African and Chinese percussions. This was seen on "Beijing World Music Percussion", and on his own 2 very big concerts, (DVD available) called Awakening 1 and Awakening 2

Jhonny's work also includes recording soundtracks for movies and cartoons, including Mulan. 

In 2013 Jhonny played at Montreaux International Jazz Festival, accompanying Jerry Leonide who became the winner of the Montreaux international competition for pianists. Jhonny also recorded drums and percussions for Jerry Leonide's solo album "The Key" which became the number one album on many European and American Jazz radio stations.

Furthermore, Jhonny was one of the featured drummers at the Shenzhen Drum Festival in 2013 and 2014.

He played a number of demos for Roland drums and has been endorsed by several big drum and cymbal companies. Currently Jhonny is enjoying the support of 2 great Brands- he is endorsed by Carnival drums and Torrent cymbals. 

Today Jhonny Joseph continues being one of the leading figures on the international music scene, still based in Shanghai and true to his heart, living to serve music.


Jhonny’s performances always bring us unexpected rhythm feeling


Unlimited passion and good tone control...



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