Has been studying classical piano in his childhood. 1999 was admitted to the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy learning playing drum kit. After the graduation, then continue to study in Vienna Austria music college and the berklee college of music. 

At the present, he was invited by Beijing Contemporary Music Academy and Zhuhai Contemporary Music Academy as a professor.

He used to working with Han geng, Sa dingding, zhang jie and many first line singer as arranger/producer/performer. 

He is the only one drummer in China who was invited to participate in the international Drummer Festival for eight consecutive years. 

PROJECT JUNGLEMICO electronics band which mico created, was known as most worthy of attention in 2013 by foreign media magazine/the most international band, and the most imaginative voice. 

The founder of the Beijing regularly "bass party",  and was rated as the most creative drummer in China by Chinese largest English magazines CITY WEEKEND in 2013.

Main performance:

2005 Cui Jian + Wang Lei + MICO performanced in Shenyang concert;

2005 Wang Feng shenzhen concert;

2008 Xu Wei Shanghai concert, Changsha concert;

2013 served as director of han geng 2013 Asian top music festival;

2013 served as director of Audi 2013 guangzhou music station, and  create all the pavilion's music and choreography;

Performance in Sa dingding concert at the great hall of the people/Sydney opera house concert and regions around the world tour by more than 30 countries;

2014 the Hong Japanese SUMMER SONIC music festival...



Led by the well-known one of Beijing's most prolific electronic Chinese drummer MICO, presents his Junglemico Project to the stage with an entirely new sound, Combining cutting-edge elements of DRUM n BASS, DUBSTEP, TECHNO .BRAKE BEAT and more, JUNGLEMICO PROJECT breaks through the boundaries of traditional electronic music to bring audiences a completely new musical experience. all performed live on acoustic instruments in real time. JUNGLEMICO's innovative performances have earned them a solid reputation as first and best real live electronic band in China.


Their DREAMING IN THE DANCE PARTIES regularly pack the house with musicians and party animals who come to dance all night to their revolutionary sound. The band was only founded 2 years ago, and the foreign media magazine has exclaimed it to be China's most influential band as well as the international voice and best imagination band. It has also been rated 5 stars by the major English magazines. The band has

considered to be one of the must-see live performances for foreigners.


The music, The feeling...


Dancing witn the music...


All the fans is Feeling the energy of the music...


Stay tuned for MICO's exclusive signature drumming shoes!