The drummer of Demon Hunter/Mirage Band /The founder of GUYINRAOLIANG studio

The drummer/Educator/Stage Director

1997-2000 As technician for Taiwan's pop singer chyi chin, follow the rainbow band  performanced more than 20 cities in China.

2000 Join the <Buffer Band>.  

2001signed warner music which is he world's largest record company, becomes a warner China - catcher recording artists, issued singles "disappear" in the same year.

2002 Joined in the <mirage band> which is the first progressive metal band in China until  today.

2004-2010年,was invited to cooperate with famous rock singer xu wei, participate in the national various big hundreds and music festival performances.

2011 created the instrumental music progressive metal - <demon hunter> band, playing the music form of pure (instrumental progressive metal), this was pushing his personal music style to be unique and individual to the new chapter.

2011with the identity of the stage director, participated in the operation of changyang festival/Zhang Bei festival,/xi 'an datang lotus park, and other domestic famous music festival, in order to improve the overall level in the field of domestic music festivals, he has made an indelible contribution.

2012 Officially founded personal brand - GUYINRAOLIANG studio, emphasize professional drummer education work, cultivate a number of excellent drummer of the younger generation.

As a professional musician, for all sorts of different music styles with grasp in domestic drummer has created girder in unique style. Personal technology exquisite exquisite, participate in arrangements recorded more than pop music album. And all over the country such as Beijing, xuzhou, zhengzhou, tangshan, ningbo, tianjin, changsha, such as too much presentation, teaching and brand promotion activities, to participate in a number of large domestic drummer contest judges. In professional music magazine articles, writing teaching has a good reputation in the field of music, with rich experience in teaching and promotion activities...