张佳曦(Jacky Zhang)

Was born in May 1982,  One of the TOP Fusion Jazz drummer in China. The first drummer in China that issue his personal drum solo album. 

Partial performance experience:

2005 performance with the bass player of SteveVai & Bass player STUART HAMM in Beijing concert as a guest drummer.

2006 founded the <star evolution personally> fusion band,

2007——2010 was invited as a performance guest for drum friends communication which held by the biggest drum website in China <Drummer China>.

2008 Start a band with famous singer Zhong Lifeng who is the singer for <TAI HE MAI TIAN>. The same year, issued  CD+DVD called  "Crazy fruit" .

2009 was invited to participate in the creation of the performance of pioneer drama director Meng Jinghui's first musical "air garden murder case",

2010 was invited to participate in the well-known singer Chyi chin that held in Chaoyang Park in Beijing World City Music Festival and served as the drummer.

2011 Joined the label's "love toy head" (Lei Gui, SKA band, hair style) album "metropolis"

2012 was invited to the Liaoning TV music show "genius boys" live drummer, percussionist;

2013 issues of China's first jazz drum individual FUSION pure instrumental music album, <BEGINNING>;

2014 During the Broadway musical called "AVENUE Q" , was invited as drummer and percussionist.



Jacky Zhang play drum kit with his signature drumming shoes---ASPIRAR MAESTRO-R(TAI CHI)


MAESTRO-R could provide super lightweight, This will bring super agility movement for Jacky Zhang.

MAESTRO-R 极致轻质,可以让Jacky的双脚在演奏时非常灵动自如.


The design inspriation  of Jacky Zhang signature drumming shoes come from TAI CHI, Just like the development of 

fusion music, with the collision of new style and classic style that evolves the brand new music style. Asymmetric cutting

design combine with cold color and warm color features the modern thing and classic things  always blocking in Jacky’s

mind, that inspiring Jacky creates more and more brand new music style.





The woven treatment in medial side which made all by handmade that represents the classic.  And the same time 

could provide better breathable.



The lazer perfs in lateral side that represents the modern.  And the same time could provide better breathable. 



Triangle design for tongue to keep the ankle area could have agility movement. Fixed elastic lace could provide better

fit and the same time won’t warriy about the lace loosen during playing.




The arc line pattern are conducive for agility make the action to control two pedals at the same time.  Straight line in 

toe area, suitable for tiptoe slide way of playing.